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Mecidiyeköy Yolu CAd, Şehit Ahmet Sok, No: 12 Kat:19 Daire:1906, TRUMP TOWER Kuştepe/ŞİŞLİ, İSTANBUL/TÜRKİYE

Tourist Attractions

  • Galata


    To the north of the Golden Horn in Istanbul there is a stone tower in the style of Roman architecture called Galata or Christ Tower, which is a destination for many tourists. The score given to this tower by tourists on the tripadvisor site is 4.5 out of 5, which means that whether you live in Turkey or are a tourist, you must visit this tower. Galata is one of the prominent landmarks of Istanbul. In the following text, you will know the reason for attracting so many tourists to Galata Tower.

  • Girl tower

    Girl tower

    Burj Dokhtar (Turkish: Kiz Küllesi) is very popular and if you are a fan of Turkish TV series, you have probably seen it in movies. Various stories are told about this small historical and mysterious tower. Because this tower has had different uses over the years. According to historical documents and scientific research, the castle was built in 24 BC, and it is certain that when the building is so old, there will be different narratives of the stories that took place there. Of course, the building was destroyed several times and even caught fire once during the Ottoman period. In 2002, the building was completely renovated and a restaurant was added. The Girl Tower has been used in Turkish history as an exile, lighthouse, army depot, cyanide storage, radar station, customs, and a place for paying ships' taxes and duties. The hitman film has shot two series of James Bond films, namely The World Is Not Enough and From Russia with Love, the American television program The Amazing Race, the Turkish series Kurtlar Vadisi (Wolf Valley) and ... in this place. In addition, some scenes from the video game Assassin's Creed: Revelations also take place in the simulated space of the Girl Tower.

  • Panorama Museum 1453 Istanbul

    Panorama Museum 1453 Istanbul

    Panorama 1453 is a modern three-dimensional museum with the theme of the conquest of Constantinople or modern-day Istanbul by the Ottomans. It took 4 years and $ 5 million to build this museum. The doors of the museum were officially opened to visitors in 2009 in the presence of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Panorama is one of the most exciting museums you can visit in Istanbul. Upon entering the museum, you will be in a three-dimensional space. You hear the sound of cannons, gunfire, the shouts of Ottoman soldiers, the marching and trotting of horses, and the scenes are reconstructed. The glory of this attack and the anxiety of war pervades your being. You will feel right in the middle of the war campaign. After leaving this section, you will enter the section of paintings and miniatures related to Sultan Mohammad and you will see his exercise books. Sultan Muhammad had many teachers and received various teachings. He was fluent in Arabic, French and Greek and knew little Persian.

  • Amirgan Park

    Amirgan Park

    Emirgan Historical Park, known as Tulip Park, is one of the largest parks in the European part of the city. This park becomes green and colorful like a paradise in spring. Amirgan is located in the green area of ​​Sariir near the second Bosphorus Bridge (Sultan Mohammad Fateh Bridge), which we introduced in detail in previous issues of Paul Magazine. Every year since 2005, the Tulip Flower Festival has been held here regularly since April. One of the reasons for the fame of this park is its lush greenery and beautiful flowers; Of course, because Amirgan is located on a hill and almost near the coast, it has a good view of the Bosphorus. In this 404,000 square meter park, in addition to various vegetation, there are two beautiful wetlands, a lake, a hiking trail, a playground, a pavilion, and so on. Amirgan is one of the city's hangouts for picnics, entertainment and leisure. Needless to say, its proximity to Eastinia, expensive five-star beachfront hotels, the President's summer residence and the German embassy have made it even more popular.

  • Istanbul Classic Car Museum

    Istanbul Classic Car Museum

    For those who are interested in old cars, the pleasure of visiting the Istanbul Ural Ataman Museum of Classic Cars is exactly like a child who took it to a chocolate shop or a toy store. This space looks attractive even to those who are not interested in cars; Because everything is beautifully designed and fantasy. When you are in this museum, you feel like you want all these cars. Classic cars are of great value because they were made in the past and only a few remain. They are a huge and glorious part of the history of the world car industry that attracts many enthusiasts and fans to such museums. Visiting the Ataman Oral Museum will be fun for any age group.