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Our Services - Opening an account in Turkey

  • Opening an account in Turkey

    Opening an account in Turkey

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     Opening an international bank account in Turkey
    If you are one of the people who plan to immigrate to other countries to study, or do business, or are thinking of earning dollars and euros, we can offer you to open an international account.

    Opening an international account not only allows you to have a dollar and euro currency account, but also makes you a global citizen who can easily trade with other parts of the world. By opening an international account you can easily access international currency accounts and use them to do your finances.

    Many banks have clear and simple rules for opening accounts, but due to sanctions, many countries can not open accounts for Iranians, especially when it is very difficult to open an account for Iranians in a country without residency. Because many countries do not open accounts for Iranians without residence or citizenship.
    To open an international account in Turkey, you must have your identity documents with you. In Turkey, no account is opened for people who do not have a passport. Visa card and master card applicants will be given an account together with the opening of the account. These cards can be issued in several types.

     Types of international bank accounts

    Personal accounts
    As a person, you can request a personal account in dollars, euros and even pounds. Generally, personal accounts in some countries can be easily opened without a residence permit, and in some other countries, applicants must have a residence card or special conditions.

    In countries such as Turkey, you can easily go to the bank without any need for a residence card and open a dollar and euro currency account and receive a master card or Visa card.

    And through this account and physical cards, you can access your accounts all over the world that are members of Master or Visa. You can receive cash or make online purchases and…. In general, it can be said that having an international account provides you with special facilities for financial exchanges with the world.

    Company accounts
    Opening company accounts is not easy for personal accounts, because to open a company account, you must first register a company in that country and use the company registration documents to open a company account and receive a bank portal.

    Keep in mind that corporate accounts are taxed, so having a financial advisor is a must for your company because in many cases you will not be aware of the tax laws of that country.