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  • Company registration in Turkey

    Company registration in Turkey

    In a few minutes, we want to explain to you dear ones: How is the company registered in Turkey? Is it possible to register a company in Turkey without residency? Why register a company in Turkey? What are the benefits of investing in Turkey? What are the documents required to register a company in Turkey? How much does it cost to register a company in Turkey? What are the rules for registering a company in 2019?

    Investing has always been a risky and important business, but if it comes to registering a company in another country, it is definitely worthwhile to carefully consider all the cases and costs and then make a decision; You can reach a conclusion in this field by reading this article and make your best decision.

     Turkish economy

    Before investing in a field and region, we must examine its economic conditions well. The Turkish economy is a combination of indigenous and industrial industries, which is increasing in size every day. It is known as an industry leader. Agriculture, various industries, communications, construction, tourism, and financial and banking services are among the most important areas of economic activity in which Turkey has achieved good results in recent years. Of course, we should not ignore the current developments in the Turkish economy, which has caused the Turkish lira to depreciate against the US dollar, but we can be relieved because the government has a precise and practical plan to solve this problem. It should be noted that investment laws in this country are easier.

     Why register a company in Turkey?

    This question for us Iranians can have different answers than other people. Turkey is a country that has experienced tremendous economic growth over the years and can be invested in with confidence in its political-economic stability. In this country, company registration laws are similar to company registration laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but with a few minor differences, you also do not need to reside in this country to register a company in Turkey. After five years of extension, you will be granted permanent residence)

     Types of companies in Turkey

    In Turkey, you can register 7 types of companies, of which two types, personal and LIMITED, are the most widely used.

    Organizational companies: Minimum capital of 10,000 Turkish lira

    Anonymous: At least 50,000 Turkish lira

    Limited Company: The minimum required capital is 10,000 Turkish lira

    Cooperative Company: Depending on the company's articles of association

    Non-organizational companies: Depending on the company's articles of association

    Collective Company: No minimum capital

    Limited Partnership: No minimum capital

     Private company in Turkey

    This type of company can be registered by a real person and receive a registration number and activity license.

    The articles of association of private companies are limited and it is not possible to include any activity in it.

    If your business does not have a wide scope of activity, we suggest registering this type of company, because it costs less and costs a total of about three thousand liras.

    It is also easier to obtain a license to obtain the CEO's personal work permit.

    The registration time of this company is done in less than a few days.

     Limited or Limited Liability Company

    But if you are more than one person and you want to start your own business as a partner, you need to register a limited liability company.

    The liability of the company's debts depends on the share of the initial capital of each person.

    The minimum capital to register this company is about 5 thousand liras.

     Company registration process in Turkey

    Specify the location of the company

    Adjust the company's articles of association

    Receive company registration forms in Turkey

    Get a tax number from the Turkish Treasury

    Obtain approval of the company's articles of association from the official office of Turkey

    Registration of the company in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce

    Print the official newspaper

    Obtain power of attorney confirmation and sample signature from the official Turkish office

    Prepare the form of the Turkish Treasury

    Refer to the Turkish Finance Office and submit the previous step form to review and approve this form and the address of the company's office by this office

    Treasury inspectors will come to your address to confirm the address

    Get the company tax number after final approval and review

    Get a business card

    Certification of accounting offices

    Opening a bank account for the company

    Introduce a formal financial advisor

    All the above steps to register a company in Turkey are done in just 5 working days.

     Documents required to register a company in Turkey

    Original passport of each partner (valid for more than 6 months)

    Two 4 * 3 photos (color with light background)

    Several names suitable for the company

    Field of activity of the company in Turkey (Articles of Association)

    Determining the percentage of shares of each of the company's partners

    Appoint a company manager (or both partners)

    We are with you in all stages of company registration, we do not leave you alone for a moment and we give zero to one hundred jobs to you dear ones, it is good to pay attention to the fact that investing in any field and anywhere without having a consultant The work has already failed, so contact us now to benefit from our free consultation

  • Opening an account in Turkey

    Opening an account in Turkey

    open an account
     Opening an international bank account in Turkey
    If you are one of the people who plan to immigrate to other countries to study, or do business, or are thinking of earning dollars and euros, we can offer you to open an international account.

    Opening an international account not only allows you to have a dollar and euro currency account, but also makes you a global citizen who can easily trade with other parts of the world. By opening an international account you can easily access international currency accounts and use them to do your finances.

    Many banks have clear and simple rules for opening accounts, but due to sanctions, many countries can not open accounts for Iranians, especially when it is very difficult to open an account for Iranians in a country without residency. Because many countries do not open accounts for Iranians without residence or citizenship.
    To open an international account in Turkey, you must have your identity documents with you. In Turkey, no account is opened for people who do not have a passport. Visa card and master card applicants will be given an account together with the opening of the account. These cards can be issued in several types.

     Types of international bank accounts

    Personal accounts
    As a person, you can request a personal account in dollars, euros and even pounds. Generally, personal accounts in some countries can be easily opened without a residence permit, and in some other countries, applicants must have a residence card or special conditions.

    In countries such as Turkey, you can easily go to the bank without any need for a residence card and open a dollar and euro currency account and receive a master card or Visa card.

    And through this account and physical cards, you can access your accounts all over the world that are members of Master or Visa. You can receive cash or make online purchases and…. In general, it can be said that having an international account provides you with special facilities for financial exchanges with the world.

    Company accounts
    Opening company accounts is not easy for personal accounts, because to open a company account, you must first register a company in that country and use the company registration documents to open a company account and receive a bank portal.

    Keep in mind that corporate accounts are taxed, so having a financial advisor is a must for your company because in many cases you will not be aware of the tax laws of that country.

  • Get a tax number

    Get a tax number

    Get a tax code
     All about the Turkish tax code and how to get it

    Turkey is an ideal destination for those planning to invest, open a foreign bank account or immigrate. If you are planning to immigrate and live in Turkey or you want to invest in this country in any way, you will probably be asked what documents you need for administrative and financial activities and the general rules of such activities in the country. What does Turkey include? The first document you will definitely need is the Turkish Tax Code or in Turkish the Vergi Code. This code is required for any financial and economic activity. Follow us to get acquainted with how to receive this code and get information about its applications.

     What is the Turkish Tax Code?

    The tax code (vergi numarasi) is a 10-digit number used by foreigners in transactions such as buying and selling a car, opening the first bank account, buying a house or commercial property in Turkey, obtaining a work permit, renting a house or apartment or shop in Turkey needs it. Contrary to many people's beliefs, getting a tax number in Turkey does not necessarily mean that you have to pay taxes. Tax laws in Turkey are complex and precise, but having a tax code does not require you to pay taxes. With this number, it is important to do some things, one of the most important of which is to apply for a residence permit in Turkey, and you can pay the land tax and other expenses after receiving a registration number or the same tax code.

    In general, this number is similar to the National Code of Iran, which is used to identify individuals for various administrative and financial matters. From registering to get a permanent Turkish SIM card to buying a property in this country and getting a loan or starting a business is one of the main documents of a person's tax code. Therefore, if you want to live and stay in Turkey for a long time, the first step for you is to receive an active tax code, which you can use to join the banking and tax system and use such services. Each person's tax code is issued based on personal information and in his name as a natural person. This will be done once and can be used in all economic institutions and offices in all cities of Turkey.

     Get the Turkish tax code

    To get a tax number, it is enough to go to the centers related to vergi dairesi in any city in Turkey. There are Vargi centers in different cities of Turkey. You can find the center closest to your place of residence and refer to it and receive this code without delay by providing the original and copy of your passport and address of residence. All you have to do is tell the person in charge that you need a vergi numarasi or tax number, and by presenting a passport to the person in charge, fill out special forms that include personal information and the exact address of your place of residence in Turkey. After registering your information in the system, the tax code will be delivered to you by the operator on a white card with a confirmation stamp. This process takes 15 to 20 minutes. The point to keep in mind is that there is no charge for getting this code and you do not have to pay anything to get it.

     How to receive the Turkish tax code in absentia

    In 2020, due to some restrictions created due to the coronary heart disease, it will be possible for applicants to receive the tax code online. You can get your tax code by visiting the ivd.gib.gov.tr ​​website and entering the information according to the instructions below.

     Uses of the tax code

      Opening a bank account in Turkish bank

      Get a residence permit in Turkey

      Get a Kimlik Turkey card

      Buy a house and shop in Turkey

      Rent a house and apartment in Turkey

      Buy a car in Turkey

      Starting a business in Turkey

      Company registration in Turkey

     Answers to frequently asked questions

     Is the tax code in one Turkish city valid in other cities as well?

    Yes, a tax number can be obtained in any city in Turkey and is valid in other cities of this country.

     What are the documents required to obtain a Turkish tax code?

    The required documents include the original and a copy of the passport and the exact address of the applicant in Turkey. After that, you have to fill in the special forms with personal information and the exact address and deliver them to the relevant centers (Vargi Diersi) to receive the tax number in a short time.

    How much does it cost to get a Turkish tax code?

    You will not need to pay any fee to receive this code in Turkey and the issuance process is completely free.

      How long does it take to receive a Turkish tax code?

     The process of getting a tax number is very short and simple. This process takes less than 30 minutes.

     Is it mandatory for foreigners to receive a Turkish tax code?

    If you are staying in Turkey for a long time, you will need this code to do a lot of administrative work. These include opening a bank account, receiving residency, buying a house, shop, car, and the like. Therefore, foreign nationals who intend to stay in Turkey for a long time should apply for this code better than before.

     Do we have to pay taxes after receiving the Turkish Vorgi code?

    No. Receiving a tax number in Turkey does not necessarily mean that you have to pay taxes.