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Important questions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Is it possible to buy more than one property to reach the $ 250,000 ceiling? How do I calculate the dollar and lira exchange rates?

The number or city does not matter in the Turkish citizenship process, and the applicant can purchase more than one property with a total value of at least $ 250,000.
Given that we are likely to buy all of our purchased properties in LeBron, how is $ 250,000 calculated?

You may not buy all your property in one day and not settle in one day. But how is the process of obtaining a Turkish passport calculated?

The Central Bank of Turkey calculates all your deposit amounts and sends a report to the Turkish citizenship offices based on the lira exchange rate in dollars, the date of the expert report, the date of payment and the date of receipt of the document.

The General Directorate of Tapo and Cadastre take into account the value of the property in question by calculating the exchange rate according to the announcement of the central bank rate at the date of the transaction.

 How long is the process of obtaining a Turkish passport?

If the application for Turkish citizenship is complete, the citizenship process takes an average of three months.

 Can a citizen obtain citizenship if he / she meets all the necessary conditions for obtaining citizenship?

The citizenship certification process depends on you not being considered a threat to national security, and the National Security Archive has confirmed this.

After this confirmation, your citizenship process will be completed.

 If you bought a property in Turkey before 09/18/2018, you cannot apply for Turkish citizenship on this property.

Pre-date laws vary and the minimum fee for a Turkish passport is $ 1 million.

 What is the obligation of the applicant's previous citizenship after obtaining a Turkish passport?

Turkish law allows an applicant to acquire Turkish citizenship by being a citizen of two or more other countries.

Military service for those who have acquired Turkish citizenship

Those with dual citizenship must have completed their military service in one of these countries, and prove this by providing evidence.

Children under the age of 18 are required to complete military service in Turkey when they reach military age.

 Is it possible to get Turkish citizenship for a disabled child over 18 years old?

If the applicant proves with valid medical records that his / her child over 18 years of age needs parental care, he / she can also apply for citizenship.

During the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the applicant's family members do not need to be present in Turkey.

Only the applicant is sufficient and must have documents relating to himself and his family members.

 How many people can apply for Turkish citizenship for a document?

Only one person and his or her first-degree relatives (spouse and children under the age of 18) can apply for Turkish citizenship.

 Can I work in Turkey if my Turkish citizenship application is accepted?

Yes. Only professions such as medicine and advocacy should apply to the relevant legal association for equivalence of documents.

 How to become a Turkish citizen?

To obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate worth $ 250,000