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Common Questions

1. Who should apply for a residence permit?

Turkish tourist visa is 90 days. If you want to stay in Turkey for a longer period, you must apply for a residence permit. If you leave Turkey after 90 days, you will have to pay a fine or you may be banned from entering Turkey.

2- What are the different types of residence permits?

There are four different types of Turkish residence permits:

Short-term residence permit. This residence permit is for one year and is usually extended for two years.

Long-term residence permit ‌ If you have been resident for more than eight years, you can apply for this type of residence permit. This type of residence permit has no time limit.

Family residence permit ‌ for people who are married to a Turkish citizen or minors sponsored by a Turkish citizen.

Student residence permit for those studying at a university in Turkey, including undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies.

3- Considering that I have entered Turkey with a tourist visa, is my application for a residence permit new or an extension of my stay?

If this is your first time applying for a residence permit through the Turkish Residence Office, your application is new. Even if you already have a residence permit in Turkey and it has expired and you are now converting your tourist stay into a residence permit, your residence permit is still considered new. Renewal of residence permit is only for people who have a valid residence permit that has expired. Renewal of residence permit is possible by mail, but people who are obtaining a residence permit for the first time must apply in person.

4- What documents are required to apply for a residence permit?

Color print of the completed residence permit application form.

Passport. It is a good idea to have a few color copies of your passport and the page on which your entry is stamped.

Tax number (to be obtained from one of the tax offices)

Color copy of insurance policy with stamp and signature. Insurance is not required for people under 18 and over 65.

Four six-by-four photos. Photos must be white background and taken within the last six months.

Proof of residence. The best way to prove residency is to submit a rental agreement that has been approved by a notary public.

Residence card. Each district has a population office that will give you a certificate stating that you live in this neighborhood. This form is called a residence permit. You can get this form by providing a rent or gas, electricity or water bill.

In addition to the above documents, the following documents may also be required of you. The following documents are not required, but it is good to know that it is possible that the employee of the residence office will ask you for these documents as well, so it is much better if you have them with you.

5- What are the important points in the field of insurance?

Your residence permit is valid until the day your insurance expires, so if your insurance expires on December 1, your residence permit will be issued until the same time.

6- How long do I have to wait to get a residence card after the residence permit is approved?

The time interval between confirming the residence permit and receiving the card is different. If you are lucky, you will receive a residence card between one and two weeks, but it may take up to 90 days to reach the maximum legal deadline.

7- Can I leave Turkey between the interview and receiving a residence card?

Yes, you can leave Turkey for 15 days after the interview. When you are interviewing, you will be given a form confirming your interview (make sure it is stamped and signed). Keep this form with you until you receive your residence card. With this form and payment receipts for a residence permit, you can leave Turkey for a maximum of 15 days.

8. Can I leave Turkey before the interview?

No, if your trip is not very necessary and your 90-day tourist stay is over, do not do it at all. In case of emergency, you must go to the residence office and ask their permission. If you leave Turkey without coordination, you will be fined, you may have difficulty entering Turkey and your application for a residence permit may be revoked.

9- I have applied for a residence permit, can I leave Turkey during the 90-day tourist stay?

Yes, if your 90-day tourist stay has not ended, you can leave Turkey and return.

10. How can I be sure that my tourist stay is not over?

The only possible way is to have your own 90-day stay in Turkey. If you have a large number of arrivals and departures, you must add the time between the entry and exit nuts. You can also ask at the passport control counter when you arrive in Turkey, but there have been cases where the information has been given incorrectly. It is better to take care of time yourself.

11. How long can I leave Turkey without paying a fine after my residence permit expires?

The legal deadline for leaving without a penalty is 10 days after the end of the stay. But some passport control officials are unaware of this. In our opinion, it is better to ignore this deadline altogether, and if you are going to leave Turkey after the end of your stay, you will finally leave Turkey on the day it ends.

12. My residence permit is expiring. Can I leave Turkey and re-enter and use my 90-day tourist stay?

Yes. This is very common. Just make sure you leave Turkey before your previous residence permit expires.

13. Can I stay in Turkey if I have applied for a residence permit and it is not yet time for my interview but my 90-day tourist visa has expired?

Yes, you can stay in Turkey as long as you have applied for a residence permit before the 90-day tourist visa expires.

14. What should I do if I have lost my residence permit?

Notify the police immediately after losing your residence card. Then go to your place of residence (you do not need to make an appointment), let them know and pay for the new residence permit.

15. I have a residence permit and I got a new passport. What should I do?

Contact your local office immediately and without prior appointment. Bring a color copy of your passport and photo (reportedly the maximum time interval between getting your passport and going to the residence office is about 2 weeks to 20 days)

16. I have a residence card and I want to change my address. What should I do?

You should contact your local population office. Take your lease and residence card with you and apply for a change of address. Also bring your new residence permit to the residence office of your place of residence (it is recommended that you bring a notarized lease with you)

17. How much does it cost to get a residence permit?

 (With the passage of newer directives and laws, these amounts may also change. Contact our experts to find out about these amounts)

18. How should I pay for my residence permit?

You can pay this amount online or pay in cash at the residence office.

19. I have a residence permit, ‌ How long can I stay outside of Turkey?

If your residence permit is short-term, you have no limit to stay outside of Turkey. However, if you are applying for a long-term residence permit, the length of time you are abroad should not exceed one year. Even if you have a long-term residence permit, you should not stay outside Turkey for more than a year.

20. Are there any ways to circumvent the law and simplify the residency process?

Many people who work as consultants in this field may say that they know ways to circumvent the law and facilitate the residency process. Ways like forging a document, etc. We strongly suggest you do not do so. In recent years, the process of obtaining a residence permit has become very regular and precise, and the government in particular has become very sensitive to such issues, and the possibility of detection and fines is very high.

21. I am a student. What should I do to get a student residence permit?

The best way is for the university where you are studying to advise you on this. Larger universities usually do these steps for you. Newly established universities may have some difficulty with this, but you can usually get the best help from your home university.

22. I was asked for more evidence in the interview. How long do I have to submit documents?

The deadline for submitting additional documents is 30 days, but we strongly recommend that you submit your documents earlier. If you are asked for additional documents, it is a good idea to know the name of the employee who interviewed you.

23. Can I customize the time of my interview?

No You can choose the interview time only from the times provided on the site.

24. Do I need to have my residence card with me at all times?

Yes, always have your residence card with you. It is best to keep a color copy on the back and on the residence card elsewhere.

25- If I give birth to a child in Turkey, what is the obligation for her to stay?

If one of the parents of the child is a Turkish citizen, the child is automatically considered a Turkish citizen.

If neither parent is a Turkish citizen, the child's birth certificate allows for a six-month residence permit (if more than six months remain from the parents' residence permit). If you want to stay in Turkey longer than this, you must also apply for a residence permit for the baby. .

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